Sustainable, ecologically-sound landscaping in Asheville and Western North Carolina


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Here are just a few of the possible outcomes when landscape design is founded on a desire for harmony with the surrounding environment. While every project is unique, we hope that these examples will provide you with inspiration.


Working in stone, brick, and wood, CNL produces permanent landscape features that are as beautiful as they are functional…and designed to stand the tests of time and fashion.


Carolina Native Landscapes turns nature into art, and art into nature, by relying on the species that are already adapted for the unique climate and soil of western North Carolina.


Before is comes to life in a landscape, each project begins as a meticulous plan. Owner Tom Mainolfi approaches each rendering in the spirit of a dedicated craftsman…and the result is art as beautiful as the finished product.

Amsonia tabernaemontana


CNL has done a wide range of projects for Camp Greystone and we have been blown away by the quality of the work. Tom is an artist, mixing wonderful plants with sublime hardscaping skills. He is our only Landscape Designer and I highly recommend him for projects of all sizes.

Tom Miller